I Have Phobia For Dead Bodies: Ravi Teja

Actor Ravi Teja said that he has a phobia to seeing people who arena��t alive and this is the reason for his absence whenever an industry biggie passes away.

Hyderabad: Actor Ravi Teja broke his silence after a week of his brother Bharata��s demise in car accident at Hyderabad. Many of his friends and industry people are angry with him for his absence at last rites of Bharat. But Ravi Teja came out openly and revealed why he was not present during his brothera��s funeral.

According to Ravi Teja, entire family was in deep shock after hearing the news. a�?My father aged 85 plus has few health issues. My mother collapsed after hearing the news and my father’s mental condition was not in good position to take such a shocking news. I tried my best to console them, meanwhile brother Raghu went to Hospital and completed formalities. We came to know that Bharata��s face was in bad condition and we could not see the distorted face and so gave a miss to the last rites. It is a very difficult pain and we dona��t know when parents will be back to normalcya�? Ravi Teja said.

“I have a phobia for people who arena��t alive. This is the main reason i wasna��t seen when ever Biggies of industry passed away. After few days I used to go to their house to console their relatives. Even when Sri Hari passed away, I tried my best to see his mortal remains. My heart beat has gone up after reaching his house and I came back without a final glimpse. This is my weakness. How can I see my brother in that condition, I have no guts to face it. We too are human beings even though film actors,” Ravi Teja said.

He rubbished rumours that giving a�? 1500 to a junior artist to perform final rites. Why will we do it? It was my uncle who did it. We were criticised severely on baseless rumours who created and propagated them to increase their TRPs, Ravi Teja said emotionally.

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  1. July 5, 2017

    […] The actor described as untrue stories doing rounds on social media platforms and some TV channels. “Last rites of Bharath were not performed by a junior artist, but by my uncle and brother,” he asserted. Responding to reports that he attended a shooting the next morning of Bharath’s death, he conceded that he did go the next day. He explained that the shooting involved 25 artists and, hence, he had to go for the shoot. He pooh-poohed comments that he had taken selfies and was all smiles.  More: I Have Phobia For Dead Bodies: Ravi Teja […]

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