Philippines President describes Obama in vulgar Terms

Vientiane, Laos: President Barack Obama cancelled his meeting withA�Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, after Duterte described him as a a�?son of a bitch.a�?

Later, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte expressed regret on his obscene comment on President Obama.

Duterte known for his controveersial remarks and his campaign against illegal drugs in which thousands of people have died,A�described Obama in vulgar termsA�to reporters on Monday, ahead of the planned meeting in Laos, where South Asian leaders are meeting for annual summits.

Obama learned at a news conference said he had told his aides to speak with Philippine officials a�?to find out is this, in fact, a time where we can have some constructive, productive conversations,a�? leaving little doubt that the meeting would not proceed as planned.

Obama arrived in Vientiane on Monday, for the first visit by a sitting US president to Laos. He was set to give an address on the importance he has placed on Southeast Asia in his foreign and economic policy during his two terms in office, setting the stage for three days of meetings with regional leaders.

Duterte who won the presidency in May as heA� promised to suppress crime and wipe out drugs and drug dealers, and a wave of extrajudicial killings has followed. Earlier, on Monday Duterte said it would be a�?rudea�? for Obama to raise the human rights issue, and told such a conversation would prompt him to curse at Obama, using a Filipino phrase for a�?son of a bitch.a�?

a�?Plenty will be killed until the last pusher is out of the streets. Until the (last) drug manufacturer is killed we will continue,a�? he said.

Ita��s not the first time Duterte has cursed at a world leader. He called Pope Francis a a�?son of a whorea�? in May, and called U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg a a�?gay son of a whore.a�?

On Monday, Obama said he recognized the importance of fighting the drug trade but insisted it must be done under the rule of law.

Dutertea��s statement on Tuesday in Laos struck a much more conciliatory tone, saying both sides would hold face-to-face talks a�?at a later datea�?.

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