Petrol, diesel dealers not to accept credit, debit cards in Telangana

  • Protest against govt. move to collect addl. charges

Hyderabad:A�Petrol bunks inA�TelanganaA�StateA�will not acceptA�credit and debit cards fromA�MondayA�onwards in protest against the governmenta��s decision to cover additional charges being collected by dealers from the customers.A�A�A�

This was stated by Indian Petroleum Dealers Association Joint Secretary Amaram Rajiv. He opposed the government decision to collect additional charges ofA�2.5 per cent on diesel, and 3.2 per cent on petrol being collected by the petrol bunks across the State. a�?This will hamper our business interests and the government should desist from its decision,a�? Rajiv said. a�?The petrol bunks will not accept debit and credit cards from MondayA�onwards,A�the government has to recall its decision. We will not encourage the customers in this regard as 80 per cent of transactions do take place through these cards,a�?A�he said.

The petrol bunks are noted for encouraging the customers to make use of their debit and credit cards always,A�irrespective of demonetization drive. As a result of the present decision,A�the customers at the petrol bunks will have to pay cash fromA�January 9 (Monday). The dealers of petrol bunks are preparing banners to be set up at their premises against acceptance ofA�debit and credit cards fromA�Sunday.

Siddipet RTC goes cashless

Meanwhile, probably for the first time inA�India, Siddipet RTC inA�TelanganaA�StateA�became the first cashless transaction placeA�fromA�Sunday. Irrigation and Marketing Minister T Harish Rao distributed swiping machines among the conductors of Siddipet RTC at an event in Hyderabad on Sunday. On the occasion, the minister claimed that Siddipet becomes the first town inA�IndiaA�to make use of swiping machines towards cashless transactions. He urged people to encourage cashless transactions and avail facility of swiping machines in the wake ofA�big note ban across the country. -NSS

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