Petition Against RGV For Comments Over Drugs Case

The controversial director has been dragged to court over his remarks against the SIT.

Hyderabad: A petition against film director Ram Gopal Varma has been filed in a Rangareddy District Court on Tuesday for his controversial remarks against the Special Investigation Team in the sensational drugs case.

RGV is on record that the film industry was being targeted and Excise Director Akun Sabharwal was like a Baahubali for the media.

Taking objection to the directora��s remarks, advocate Ranga Prasad argued in his petition that Varmaa��s comments were aimed at interrupting an ongoing investigation by the Excise Department and it was a crime to make such comments.

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Though RGV was in no way connected to the drugs case, the petitioner maintained that the directora��s comments were undermining the confidence of excise officials. Behaving or commenting with an aim to create hurdles in duties being performed by government officials is a crime under IPC 343, and can be punished with imprisonment of six months to two years, the advocate contended.

Ranga Prasad also asserted that Varma asking excise officials whether they would summon school children for interrogation was in bad taste. He pointed out that there are special laws for minors and it is not right to put to disgrace the Excise Department, which has been doing good work.

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