People Have High Hopes On Assembly Session In Amaravati


Amaravati: It has been almost three years that the State was bifurcated with 13 districts in 2014. Though Hyderabad remained a common capital for both the Telugu States, the AP government had relocated itself in the new capital and is holding the first Assembly session here. The Secretariat had already moved to the new capital and relocated in the temporary secretariat complex at Velagapudi. The Assembly and Council too are meeting in the same complex, which was built with state of the art technology.

While welcoming the MLAs and the MLCs to have their first sitting in the new capital, people of the State are looking forward to witness healthy discussions in both the Houses. The Assembly has been seen as a place of members hurling abuses at each other and had failed to deliver. Not a single sitting was fruitful with the elected representatives holding meaningful discussions on the issues concerning the people. There have been accusations and counter-accusations leading to pandemonium and suspension of the members in the previous sessions. Suspension of one member from the Opposition, R K Roja, was the height of the ruckus that the House had witnessed in the past and the people are not ready to see the same happenings in the new place.

The party in power, having comfortable majority, has no reason to be unrest or aggressive to the criticism from the Opposition. The ruling party must maintain some silence giving a chance to the Opposition to raise issues. Unfortunately, there is unrest in the treasury benches with the members interrupting the Opposition personally targeting Leader of Opposition on the CBI cases pending against him. It is a fact that there are cases of corruption against the Leader of Opposition who had served 15 months jail term. But, that is not necessarily be the answer for the ruling party to snub the Opposition on the floor of the House.

The House is divided between not just the ruling and Opposition parties, but the experienced and the inexperienced members. Fortunately or unfortunately, the ruling party has several senior members in its account, while the Opposition lacks that strength with the Leader of the Opposition too being new to the House. Added to this, except Jaganmohan Reddy and Buggana Rajendranath Reddy, not many members from the Opposition speak the subject, giving an advantage for the ruling party leaders to ridicule the Opposition. The treasury benches too are not debating much on issues though it has experienced members. Members like Minister for Finance, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, is limiting himself to passing sarcastic comments against the Leader of Opposition rather than presenting an in-depth subject for debate.

Speaker Dr Kodela Sivaprasada Rao, a well-versed member of the House with the rules and business, remains silent to the uproar from the treasury benches while is being tough with the Opposition. A�He is accused as not being neutral and is biased to the ruling party. The major criticism that he is facing from the Opposition is that like the Chief Minister, the Speaker too is unwilling to listen to the Opposition. At least in the new place and the new House, the Speaker would have to be liberal to the Opposition. The Opposition too gives its best to highlight the problems of the people rather than trying for political mileage out of every chance that is given.

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