Pawana��s Role In Baahubali 2 Success

What on earth Pawan Kalyan has to do with ‘Bahubali 2? The story writer says the power star inspired him indirectly to script the interval bang which has been liked most.

Hyderabad: ‘Baahubali : The Conclusion’ is getting encomiums from critics across globe. The magnum opus is shattering records worldwide with almost houseful collections.

Interval bang is getting huge applaud by audience, which we can say highlight of the flick. Film writer, Vijayendra Prasad, in his post interview revealed the secret and inspiration for that scene.

As per him, he went on to watch an event where Pawan kalyan’s fans keep on chanting slogansa�? Pawan, Pawana�? for more than 5 minutes. The scene if watched by any other star would have felt a sharp pang of jealousy of power star, according to the writer. This hysteria towards Pawan made the writer to script the interval bang where Bhallaladeva is seen with anger and jealousy when people chant Baahubali’s name during coronation.

So indirectly there is Pawana��s mark in the success of Baahubali as per Vijayendra Prasad.

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