Pawan releases Travelling Soldier song

Vijayawada: Power Star Pawan Kalyan has released a�?Travelling Soldiera�� song from a�?Desh Bachaoa�� music album in Hyderabad on TuesdayA�in Youtube. The producers have composed the a�?Travelling Soldiera�� song taken from Thammudu film in a remix format. The Jana Sena chief tweeted that one can download the song freely. He said that all the four songs would be released on Tuesday one after the other with 45 minutes gap. Pawan further tweeted that DJ Prudhvi mixed the songs linking the video.

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  1. DESH BACHAO, Pavan’s album fails to motivate says:

    Janasena’s Party President today released DESH BACHAO album at Vijayawada which failed to deliver as expected. Much hyped album with protest against corruption politics,involving patriotic, with remix of Pavan’s Thammudu and Johny movies could utter only harsh and messy at the end.

    Pavan introduced DJ Prithvi who added some dialogues of Pavan Kalyan in various political meetings. “These songs are patriotic, inspiration songs which I have conceived from past 14 years for my films. Prithivi made it electrifying with DJ skills”, Pavan added. Out of six songs in album 4 songs were released for every 45 minutes in Janasena’s you tube which left bitter confusion for fans with poor quality and remix. Background score with LADDU LADDU( Special package as said by Pavan in Tirupathi) was a mess to hear.

    Pavan Kalyan who advanced his protest from Feb 5th to January 26th to motivate students made let down the temper with his latest album. The clarion call DESH BACHAO left political parties a joke which is a serious concern for Janasena at this juncture

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