Pawan Pulls Out Of Nandyal Battle: Is It A Strategic Decision Or Compulsion?

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan has pulled out of the Nandyal by-election. Pawan has decided to be neutral in the election. He also has decided to be neutral in Kakinada Municipal Corporation elections. Is it a strategic decision as Pawan claims or a compulsion?

Nandyal: Pawan Kalyana��s decision to be neutral in both Nandyal by-election and Kakinada Municipal Corporation election has come as expected. While he claims it as a strategy, it is a compulsion for him to keep off from the battle.

A Pawan claim of the party not well organized is ridiculous as he participated in the campaign in 2014 elections, even before his party has any registered member. In the last six months, the party has recruited members and is comparatively better organized than the 2014 elections.

While the Special Category Status demand has forced him to be out of the battle in Nandyal, the Kapu reservation slogan has made him to limit his presence to his home at Kakinada. He found a safe exit and a comfortable excuse from Chandrababu Naidu, making it tough for TDP to win the election at both the places, without his support this time.

In Nandyal, the Congress has fixed him to be neutral. As a strong supporter of the demand for the Special Category Status, Pawan Kalyan could not back his ally, the TDP in the election. The Congress has already written a letter to him seeking his support as it had fielded its candidate on the slogan of Special Category Status.

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If he were to be active, by virtue of his open declaration for the SCS, he had to back the Congress in election, which would be a major blow for both the TDP and the YSR Congress. He was thus not prepared to go against his pal a�� Chandrababu Naidu a�� and thus came the decision to keep off from the battle.

In Kakinada, the election is fought on the strong demand of Kapu reservations. Located close to Kirlampudi, the hot bed of the Kapu movement with former Minister Mudragada Padmanabham fighting the battle, Kakinada Municipal Corporation elections are fought on the reservation demand. If he were to be active, he should back the Kapu movement of Mudragada Padmanabham, which is indirectly supporting the YSR Congress. He could not dare to go against the Kapus and back his pal, the TDP in the election, as it would distance him from his base in the two Godavari districts.

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