Pawan Pledges 60 Percent Seats For Youth In 2019

Hyderabad: Jana Sena President, actor turned politician, Pawan Kalyan addressed media on the eve of the third birth anniversary of his party on Tuesday.

In a chit chat with media, he clarified the stand of Jana Sena and its ideology. Here are Jana Sena’s future plans in the words of Pawan kalyan:

Pawan, at the outset, thanked those who supported Jana Sena all these years. He clarified that Jana Sena is not with NDA now. He said that his party will try to connect with the youth as it needs their support a great deal. He Pledged 60 Percent Seats For Youth In 2019.

Jana Sena has identified 32 issues to be debated in the elections and he needs more sena to fight on the issues, Pawan felt. He also said that his brother Chiranjeevi will not join Jana Sena as they differ on ideology.

The party was established in order to fight on people’s problems and win or loss in elections will not stop him from fighting on the issues.

Jana Sena will contest in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in 2019. Pawan said he will represent Ananthapur as it is identified as backward district.

The difference between PRP and Jana Sena is that the leaders in PRP had their personal agenda, where as Jana Sena has people’s agenda, Pawan reportedly said.

Jana Sena’s political agenda will be speedily implemented from June with the help of youth and party is ready to allocate 60% tickets to the youth in 2019 elections. Last film to be done by Power Star will be shot in 2018 under Trivikram’s direction and from then on Pawan will take party work seriously.

Speaking about alliance with other political parties, he said that first and foremost priority is to build cadre for Jana Sena. At the same time, he did not rule out the possibility of allying with other parties.

On surveys, he felt that he does not believe in surveys which may be constantly changing from positive to negative or vice versa, but believes only in his ideology.

He also felt that defeat of SP in UP was mainly due to internal war in Yadav parivar. Jana Sena President said his party will be working in top gear from March next year.

Many queries came on industries creating pollution at Patancheru to which Pawan said he will visit the place in a few days to know the actual problem.

Constantly criticising ruling party is not a good stand and criticism should be in a constructive way, Pawan said when questioned about TDP in AP. Schemes were not helping the people as expected, he commented.

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