Pawan Meets Gaddar, Discuss Jana Sena’s Roadmap

Hyderabad: If we think Pawan Kalyani is busy with shooting of Katamrayudu, we might be wrong. Ground work for his full time political gear up is going on, according to sources close to Pawan Kalyan.

In February 2nd to 3rd week, Jana Sena has undertaken a quick poll survey about the partya��s future. Main advantage Pawan is enjoying is the innumerable voluntary youth who are working at ground level without expecting any return from their leader.

Employees of IT are helping Jana Sena with social media promotions and bringing forward public problems in the constituencies which are left pending with false promises of leaders.

Pawan Kalyan, except star image following, is spending nearly four hours exclusively on these political matters which will be highlighted in coming days according to Jana Sena sources. Leaders from different parties, particularly the BJP, approached Pawan who is taking steps basing on his gut feelings. He has been keeping quiet without responding to the entreaties of State level BJP leaders.

Pavan is trying to keep away, the same as his elder brother Chiranjeevi and his associates did when the latter launched his Praja Rajya Party. According to their survey, Jana Sena will reach tally in between 30 to 40 seats faring far better than the PRP. But we should not take this survey as standard since the sample is small. It was limited to East, west Godavaries and Krishna, Guntur, Srikakulam and Vizianagaram, Nellore, Chittor districts.

When PRP was launched, pre-poll survey gave 145 to 150 seats which was proved wrong at the end. Pawan is mainly focussing on issues faced by students, farmers and the unemployed. He is aiming to reach out to the people beyond his caste.

The main drawback for Pawan Kalyan is that he has no proper cadre. Other negative factors are the lack of consistency in his political speeches and programmes, negative shades in his personal life and not being able to allot time for political activity. But his followers strongly believe that their boss would overcome the negative factors before the elections.

South-North divide that was articulated by Pawan in his recent speeches makes his intentions clear. He wants to expand Jana Sena by aligning with like-minded parties and individual leaders in TN, Karnataka, Telangana along with AP. Gaddar, the Ballard, who was one of the close aides to Pawan, had a chit chat with Jana Sena chief at a farm house near Medak district (according to Jana Sena sources). It appears that Gaddar has advised Pawan to plunge into publics with cultural programmes along with political issues.

Pawan has requested Gaddar to make special entry into politics along with Jana Sena in Telangana region, but the later has yet to give a green signal for Pawana��s proposal.

But the ground realty is different from what Jana Sena sources say. There is not that much of wave for party at present in public as hyped by sources. But in politics, we can’t say the turn of public minds until last day.

Pawan kalyan, who wants to go with new trends, is trying to follow Kejriwala��s AAP in preparing manifesto and join hands with Lok Satta.Tennis star Jwala Gutta expressed her desire to work for Jana Sena. Nagendra Babu, brother of Pawan, will join Jana Sena in coming days.

Will Jana Sena create a storm and become a king maker in AP politics? Will Jana Sena become a deciding factor in AP politics or will it let down Pawan’s fans like Chiranjeevia��s PRP? One has to wait and see.

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