Pawan Kalyan At X Junction

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is not in a position to move forward or backward regarding his political agenda.

Amravati: Jana Sena, the party which was launched with a hype and slogana�? To Questiona�? is at cross roads in the present scenario in politics.

When all the main parties are gearing up for next assembly elections to be held in 2019, Pawan Kalyan is still in dilemma whether to move with party or to continue with the show on silver screen.

Pawan Kalyan who is busy with Trivikram’s flick in Hyderabad has no pucca plans to counter ruling party in AP and at the same time, he has no particular philosophy or guidance from a senior politician to gear up the cadre. In other words, its a ONE MAN SHOW.

He is keeping his ideas restricted to himself without giving any clue to the cadre, but his close aides strongly believe that he will create a huge impact on state politics.

Appointment of writers, social media activists, recruiting soldiers all was made in a haste without any proper plan or agenda.
Pavan at one stage shows interest to move with communists and on the other hand keeps mum on AP CM Naidu and this double strategy is pushing his cadre in dilemma.

There is only action from Pawan Kalyan but no reaction from public and if he continues to be the same, it is sure that party will fare worse than what his brother Chiranjeevia��s PRP did in 2009 elections.

It is better for him to wrap his shootings and plunge into action as soon as possible if he wants to establish himself in peoplea��s heart as a politician.

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