Pawan Kalyan voices for Uddanam, Kanigiri kidney disease victims

Amaravati: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan on Wednesday raised his voice for the mysterious kidney victims of Uddanam and Kanigiri areas of the State that have been taking the precious lives of the people for over 20 years. Referring to the World Kidney Day to be observed on the second Thursday of Every March, Pawan Kalyan wanted the government to take the help of the global health organisations and ensure that the mysterious kidney disease from Uddanam area in Vizianagaram and Kanigiri area in Prakasam district are addressed. He wanted the government to end this problem and save people from falling victims to the mysterious disease by the next World Kidney Day.

He welcomed the initiatives of the government to address the issue in Uddanama area this year at least after his visit to the area. While blaming the rulers for their insensitive attitude to the problems of the people for years, he wanted the government to take up corrective measures on a war footing.

He said mere treatment to the disease is not enough to save people from the disease that has been taking the lives of the youth aged between 20 and 40 years. He wanted the government to work with commitment to address the issue and save people from falling pray to the disease.

 Interestingly, it was after Pawan Kalyan’s visit to Uddanam area, the government had acted on providing clinical and diagnosis arrangements to treat the people of Uddanam area in Vizianagaram district. People of seven revenue mandals and 120 villages are victims of the mysterious disease. The government has provided dialysis centers in the district ending the hardships of the people who have been forced to visit Visakhapatnam for dialysis for all these years.


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