Pawan Kalyan to visit Uddanam area to console victims of kidney disease

Dara Gopi

Vijayawada: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had reached Visakhapatnam for his one day tour of Uddanam area of Srikakulam district to console the victims of kidney disease. The area is badly hit by the kidney disease making people of all ages its victims. Six mandals of the area are badly affected by the disease, which is not addressed by the successive governments till date. He would meet the people, interact with them at Ichapuram town.

Jana Sena activists have made arrangements for the visit of their leader to Visakhapatnam and Ichapuram. The party had already produced a documentary film with interviews of the victims and their present state.

Pawan Kalyan tweeted about the chronic disease and sought to blame the successive governments and elected representatives of the area for neglecting the issue though people in large numbers were falling prey to the disease.

Pawan Kalyan had earlier responded to the issues of land owners and landless labourers of the capital Amaravati area. Initially, he had opposed the land pooling system of the State government to take lands from the people. He had even promised to stand by them and sought to advice the government to exempt the lands from pooling if the owners are against it. However, after meeting Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, the Jana Sena chief remained silent and had even changed his tone in favour of land pooling by the government.

After a long time, Pawan Kalyan is now responding to the issue concerning the people and it is to be seen how he would handle the issue.

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