Why Is Pawan Kalyan Silent On Land Scams?

Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan, who has plans to announce candidates in two Telugu States in advance, is silent on major land scams? His silence is eloquent leading to severe criticism.

Hyderabad: Why is Pawan kalyan silent on land scams happening in both AP and Telangana? This is the nagging doubt trolling in the minds of party cadre.

Political leaders of ruling parties are involved in land scams in Vizag and Miyapur which shook the Telugu sates.

In AP, after Vizag land scam, it is the turn of TDP MLC Deepak Reddy who was arrested by Telangana police for scam of land which is worth more than a�? 200 crores.

Coming to Telangana, the land grab in the heart of Hyderabad City, at Miyapur, involving more than a�? 10,000 crore shocked the whole country.

There was no question asked or voice raised by Pawan kalyan until now. During the 2014 election campaign, Pawan raised voice against late YSR and said that illegal land dealings during his period will be grilled.

But his silence against the land grab which has become a hot topic of discussion in public domain proves that he is hesitant to take on ruling party leaders. It is leading to severe criticism by his own party cadre.

Pawan is close to ruling party in AP and even in Telangana he has close association with TRS leaders. KTR watching Katamarayudu flick with Pawan is an example to the intimacy the latter enjoys with TRS leadership. This is the main reason for Pawan being silent, felt political observers.

But his followers say, silence of a good man is more effective than open criticism. We have to see how Pawan will react to this in coming days.

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