Pawan Kalyan opposes land acquisition from reluctant farmers

HYDERABAD: Jana Sena president Pawan KalyanA�on FridayA�called upon the Telugu Desam Government to exclude the villages of Undavalli, Bethampudi and Penubaka from the proposed capital zone of Andhra Pradesh.

Addressing a media conference, Pawan Kalyan, in a rebuttal of sorts to the reaction of Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and other TDP leaders, stuck to his guns about opposing forcible acquisition of fertile lands from farmers. He wanted the small farmers to be spared from the land pooling scheme. a�?Take the consent of the farmers and try to convince them. Constitute a committee to discuss the same with the farmers before acquiring the landsa�?, he said.

The film star said he had toured the proposed capital region to understand the farmersa�� problems and ascertain why they were reluctant to part with their lands. His tour was not meant to create any problems for Mr. Chandrababu Naidu and his government. a�?I want him to stay in power till 2019. ButA�who will come to rescue of the farmers who have parted with their lands if a new government comes into power later. There is no legal protection for the farmersa�?, he added.

Stating thatA�many farmers whoA�gave away their lands were having apprehensions about their future in the absence of legal protection, Mr. Pawan Kalyan said that their anxiety and concern should be understood. This was especially so in the case of smallA�farmers of three villages who were solely dependent on their land for their livelihood.

The Jana Sena chief wondered how the TDP government would build a world class capital without having any funds. a�?I am not against building a good capital but am stoutly opposed to destroying the villages in the name of developmenta�?.

Training his guns at the BJP and its leadership, Mr. Pawan Kalyan regretted that the Centrea��s promises of granting special status to AP and giving it a special financial package were not yet fulfilled. a�?How can the people trust BJP when it cannot keep up its promise and how can the party make its foray into the statea�?, he asked.

He had a dig at the erstwhile YSR regime stating that the then government had acquired the lands from the farmers and handed them over to big companies like Vanpic. He cautioned the TDP Government against similar illegal acts.

Mr. Pawan Kalyan lashed out at Members of Parliament from the state in not effectively taking up with the central government the issue of special status and sanction of the required financial assistance. The MPs should unitedly fight with the Centre and make it fulfill all its promises, he said. (NSS)

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