Pawan Kalyan Draws Criticism

Pawan’s recent visit to Andhra Jyothy’s Office after the building was damaged in a fire accident draws criticism.

Hyderabad: Pawan kalyan launched Jana Sena with an enthusiastic and an emotional speech in front of a large crowd with a slogan, “Not for Power But to Question the Power”. Pawan’s followers hoped that he would be a game changer in the upcoming elections, as he did in 2014 elections.

But pouring water on their hopes, Pawan became a part-time politician with tweets and press notes. The Jana Sena Chief visited Andhra Jyothy Office, when he came to know that it was hit by a fire accident. He spent a few hours at the office and consoled the management.

But this led to a severe criticism from people of AP. Now, they question him: where was Pawan when 15 people were killed in Erpedu’s lorry accident? Many ask if Pawan had no time to visit victims who were hospitalised during Diwakar’s bus accident at Nandigama or at Ananthpur?

Pawan responded by only tweeting on these incidents. Political experts felt that he could have achieved an extra mileage, if he had personally visited Erpedu or Nandigama

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