Pawan Kalyan Condoles Fan’s Parents

Tirupati: Vinod Rayal, Tollywood hero Pawan Kalyan’s fan, was knifed to death by Akshay Kumar, a fan of Junior NTR on Sunday. Vinod was a young man preparing to go abroad soon for higher studies.

Pawan Kalyan, who visited Vinod’s house in Tirupati on Thursday, was moved to tears while consoling the mother and father of Vinod. The incident occurred at Kolar in Karnataka on Sunday. Vinod and other fans of Pawan Kalyan went to participate in the programme called ‘organ donation’. There an argument took place between Vinod and Akshay during which the former was savagely attacked by the latter. The body of the young boy was brought to Tirupati on Monday.

Pawan Kalyan assured the parents, whose only son was brutally killed, that he would take care of them. The hero also promised them that he would demand a comprehensive probe into the incident by Karnataka government. He said competition between the fans of different heroes is good but things should not be stretched to the extent of clashes resulting in death. He also said all the heroes are on friendly terms and wondered why their fans should fight.

Vinod Rayal and his parents have been ardent supporters of Pawan Kalyan. They are also members of Jana Sena party whose president is Pawan Kalyan.

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