If Pawan Kalyan Comes On Road, Special Status Will Be OnThe away: Actor SIvaji

Actor Sivaji, who joined the BJP during the 2014 elections, is now eyeing Jana Sena. His recent comment on Pawan Kalayn praising his stand on Special Category Status proves the same.

Guntur: Do you remember actor Sivaji? The actor who joined BJP and got vexed with it after he was denied the position of TTD Chairman? He is now looking towards actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan, as per sources.

Sivaji joined hands with Chalsani Srinivas and went on hunger strike demanding special status for AP. Later, he started criticising both BJP and TDP for delaying implementation of the promise of special status by Central Government.

He is still not bored in politics and is expecting to get a ticket from any party and looking for the right contact. He could get in touch with some persons in Jana Sena party. He now wants to get a ticket to contest in 2019 elections.

To impress Jana Sena chief, Sivaji recently said that Special Category Status is possible only through Pawan Kalyan.

a�? I have no faith in other parties. Tell Jana Sena Chief to come onto roads, it will come automatically within a week. That is the stamina Pawan kalyan has. He is the only man who can achieve ita�? Sivaji said.

So for Pawan Kalyan, there is no need to search for a candidate for Guntur-1 as Sivaji is ready to contest on Jana Sena ticket if Pawan permits.

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