Pawan Kalyan closes Jana Sena doors for Chiranjeevi


Amaravati: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who launched his partya��s website marking the third formation day of the party on Tuesday, gave indications about his unwillingness to admit his brother and Congress former minister K Chiranjeevi into the party.

Speaking to media persons, Pawan Kalyan said that his brother may not join his party as there is a huge ideological gap.A� While admitting that the Jana Sena would also require senior leaders in the party, he said he would be very selective in admitting them. He said he would take the experiences of the Praja Rajyam Party launched by his brother Chiranjeevi along with him. a�?We had several leaders coming from different parties and they had their agenda with them. The party (PRP) suffered because of their agenda and that would not be repeated in Jana Sena,a�? he asserted.

Chiranjeevi after winning 18 Assembly seats in the 2009 elections on PRP had finally merged his party with the Congress and became a Minister at the Central government. He continues to be the Rajya Sabha member of the Congress, though not active in politics.

The actor-turned politician, Chiranjeevi, had returned to his acting career after the Congress was defeated in the 2014 elections. It was just a few months before the elections his younger brother Pawan Kalyan had launched the Jana Sena and sailed with the BJP, while Chiranjeevi continued to be with the Congress.

Now, heading for full time politics and setting his house in order for the 2019 elections, Pawan Kalyan is planning to expand his partya��s base. Though he played key role in the Chiranjeevia��s PRP in 2009 elections, he is now not ready to take his elder brother along in his own party. He is also unwilling to take those old horses either from the Congress or the TDP in the State. That way, he had closed his partya��s doors to his brother. In a way, he had sealed the fate of his brother forever as there is no future for the Congress either in the State or at the national level at least for the next two decades.

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