Pawan Kalyan Bid To Resolve Kidney Problems Among Uddanam People

The highly successful actora��s intervention has prompted doctors from Harvard Medical School to research kidney-related issues in Uddanam region. AP Chief Minister is also likely to intervene at the behest of Pawan Kalyan.
Pawan Kalyan Bid To Resolve Kidney Problems Among Uddanam People
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Hyderabad: A team of doctors led by Joseph Bonventre, the Regional Head of the Harvard Medical School, is visiting Uddanam in Srikakulam district for finding a permanent solution for kidney-related diseases prevalent in the region.

According to reports, more than 4,500 people in Uddanam have succumbed to kidney-related diseases during the last decade. At least one person in every family is suffering from some kidney disease or the other in this area.

The Harvard team, whose itinerary has been confirmed, will tour Uddanam and collect primary samples and various other particulars, besides interacting with local people.

The team will meet Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan on Sunday at Visakhapatnam. They all will then interact with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu the next day to seek his help in resolving the issue.

It may be recalled that the Jana Sena chief had visited the Harvard Medical School for a lecture there. He later met doctors of the medical school and discussed with them the kidney ailments prevalent in Uddanam. Following this, a team of doctors from the Harvard University researched and found that excessive silica in the water found in Uddanam is the main reason for the malady. The water is neither suitable for drinking nor cultivating.

Harvard doctors, apart from learning the root cause of the problem, also want to set up a Kidney Research and Medical Centre there.

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