Pawan Kalyan Attacks BJP

  • Demands Special Status
  • Spares TDP, Naidu
  • Non-committal on Bandh
  • Invokes Self-respect

Kakinada: Film hero, Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan asserted that he is not a pawn in the hands of either the BJP or the TDP. Pawan Kalyan severely criticised both the BJP and the Congress. He said having bifurcated the state,  the national parties have two spoil laddus instead of special status. He said he came here not to arouse emotions in the people. He came to explain the situation. Sr. said he did not come here to oppose the bandh. He left it to the choice. But at the same time he asked why the people should fight? Let the elected members of Parliament and Assembles fight political battles. Kalyan said it is for Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu whether to accept the two spilt laddus or to throw them away.

The hero was addressing  a big public meeting here from a stage standing before the banner which reads ‘Seemandhrula Atma Gaurava Sabha’. He said only people are behind him.

The actor turned politician was reading from notes. He narrated the political history of the Telugu. He spoke in praise of Indira Gandhi for refusing to bifurcate the State in spite of separate Telangana agitation and Jai Andhra movement and for making a historic statement in Parliament 1972.

He castigated the Congress party for bifurcating the State. He was not that vehement in criticising the TDP. He exhibited histrionics while shouting about self respect of Andhras. He said he lent support to the TDP to protect the interest is the Seemandhra people. He wanted to stand by the self respect of the people in the face of insults heaped by the Telangana leaders. He asked why the BJP and the Congress delayed in implementing the decision to divide the State. It is difficult to understand if Pawan Kalyan was against the bifurcation. If he were opposed to bifurcation why did he support the BJP in 2014 elections?

Pawan appeared to be fighting for the self respect if Seemandhra people. He said he is against the arrogance of North Indian politician s. His rabble rousing speech lacked clarity though there was a lot of emotional. He sang the song of Masterjee of Telangana to illustrate that he is informed of the miseries of Telangana people. He also quoted a famous Coastal Andhra poet Gunturu Seshendra Sarma to underline the importance of self respect. He said Jana Sena would plunge into action when all other political parties failed. Let the ruling parties and opposition parties fight for the people.  His attack was primarily aimed at the BJP for denying Special Status to AP. 

Pawan Kalyan takes the name of Avanti Srinivas, MLA from Anakapalli , to resign in protest against the decision to deny Special  Status. He also criticised Venkaiah Naidu for not fighting for Special Status. He appealed to all leaders to fight for Special Status. 

In his filmi style, Pawan Kalyan indulged in arousing passion in the predominantly young and boisterous crowd. He took the name of TDP MP TG Venkatesh and flayed him for belittling his contribution to TDP-BJP victory in AP in 2014 elections. He repeatedly found fault with the political parties and media houses for their bias in favour of the north.

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  1. September 11, 2016

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