Pawan kalyan At Last Extends Support For Kapu Reservations

Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan came out on Kapu reservations for the first time and extended full support to Mudragada’s agitation.

Hyderabad: Has Pawan realized the importance of Kapu community or is a gamble just before starting his yaatra from Octiber? Pawan kalyan extended his support for Mudragada and the timing is exactly when Mudragada postponed his paadaytra to December.

As per Pawan kalyan Government has no right to stop Mudragada’s paadayatra and he said that it will led to law and order problem.He also compared Kapu reservations with that of Special status promised by TDP during election campaign of 2014.Without any delay, Government should fulfill the promise of Kapu community, Pawan said.

It is clear that Pawan came to know that support of Kapu community is a must for his political existence. But political experts say that it is a game by Jana Sena to split the votes from YCP.

Until now, Mudragada tried for keep pressure on TDP’s government with vatious agitations to fulfill the promise of Kapu reservations. But Pawan did not utter a word in support to him.

Even when Late Dsari narayana Rao, Chiranjeevi came down strongly during the arrest of Mudragada, Pawan was silent. But Pawan lent his support to Mudragda exactly A�when Jagan gave a call to Kapu community on the eve of late YSR’s Vardhanthi at Idupulapaaya today, is there any political game?





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