Pawan Kalyan against building AP capital over a�?tears of farmersa�?; threatens fast

HYDERABAD: Virtually crossing swords with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, Tollywooda��s a�?power stara�? Pawan Kalyan and founder of Jana Sena Party here on Thursday asked whether it was necessary to build a world class Singapore-type capital for Andhra Pradesh over the tears of farmers.

The actor-turned-politician, who is on a fact-finding mission in the villages under Tullur mandal of Guntur district to apprise himself of the grievances of the farmers refusing to hand over their lands to the TDP Government for building statea��s capital, launched a scathing attack on both the parties over various issues related to the people of the State.

It may be mentioned here that Pawan Kalyan had supported the BJP-TDP alliance during the 2014 elections. While he took pot shots against the BJP-led NDA Government at the Centre for failing to grant special status to Andhra Pradesh as promised in the A.P. Re-organisation Act and also in providing the needed financial aid package, Pawan Kalyan struck a warning to the TDP Government not to forcibly take fertile lands from the farmers for building the capital.

Addressing farmers of Undavalli, Bethupudi and other villages in the proposed capital region, Pawan Kalyan pointed out that he was also for building a state-of-the-art capital but at the same time was against taking away the lands from the farmers who are reluctant to part with their fertile lands. The farmers are apprehensive about the assurances and relief being offered in lieu of the lands. Therefore it was imperative for the government understand the difficulties and worries of the farmers who were against giving their lands and for this the government should not hesitate to discuss with them as many times as possible, he observed.

The Jana Sena chief wondered whether it was necessary to acquire 33,000 acres of land for building a capital. As for his own estimates and findings it was more than enough to acquire 8000 acres, he observed and wondered when the TDP government was unable to get the required money for loan waiver to the farmers, where from the government get the money for a Singapore-type capital, he quipped.

In this connection he trained guns against the central government for not trying to fulfill various promises including financial assistance made at the time of bifurcating the undivided Telugu State. Dona��t play with the self respect of the Telugu people and making to come to you with begging bowls, he cautioned Modi Government at the centre and at the same time took to task the state MP’s for not pressurising the government to secure the promises assistance to the state.

Pawan Kalyan who heardA� patiently heard the reasons and fears of the farmers in not willing to hand over tier lands for e capital building and also received numerous memorandum, told the villagers that he would discuss the same with the Chief Minister and the Government authorities. When he was told that Ministers Pulla Rao and Narayana were issuing notices to the farmers to hand over the lands, he advised the farmers not to give the lands till he gives them a clearance after discussing with the ministers. He also wanted the chief minister and the ministers to forcibly acquire the lands with threats. He assured the farmers that if need be he would launch and indefinite fast to protect their interests.

Stating that he had been told by the ruling TDP members that farmers of supporting the YSRCP were only refusing to give their lands, Pawan Kalyan quipped that he was not bothered whether the farmers belong to YSRCP or any other party. If there are genuine reason for them to protest against taking away their fertile lands, he would fight for their cause whether belong to YSRCP or another party.

Thus the sudden rebellious mood and confrontationist attitude of Pawan Kalyan amply speaks of the fact that the political honeymooning between the actor and the BJP-TDP alliance is on the verge of a collapse in the future. (NSS)

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