Pawan Kalyan: Only Action, No Traction

In politics, we need patience, time, and right step with a perfect game plan when time is short. But even today we can’t find any one after Pawan kalyan

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief, actor-turned-politician, Pawan Kalyan cana��t utter a dialogue like his brother Chiranjeevi, but can pull youth with his dramatic actions which we have seen in his films with hand moving towards his neck in an action sequence, an indication that he is in anguish. All is well for him up to 2016, luckily for him his ally TDP formed Government in Andhra Pradesh and partnered with the BJP both in the State and at the Centre, Narendra Modi as PM.

Pawan sincerely tried for strengthening PRP with Yuva Rajyam which could not deliver in 2009 elections. In 2014 he launched Jana Sena and in that year Pawan became most searched politician in google .Jana Sena Chiefa��s slogan was ‘Congress Hataho Desh Bachao’ during 2014 campaign and the U- turn he took before one year by raising voice against TDP (but not on TDP Supremo) and surprise division with a racist slogan, ‘North and South divide’ looks dangerous and shows Pawan Kalyan is still immature in politics. A day before he slammed Tarun Vijay for racist remark and said such prejudice will divide the nation; it was Pawan who started talking about South and North in his previous speeches. May be, he has forgotten as that action sequence was completed.

Pawan launched party with a slogan ‘ to question ( Prasninchadam Kosam),A� and always remained at the same status without finding any solution. His guest role in politics is not convincing people of AP. Jana Sena cadre might ask, if so, why Uddanavanam to Agri Gold victims approached Jana Sena. It is the Jana Sena leaders who moved towards the victims and arranged programmes to fetch a mileage to their party, but not asked by the victims.

Pawan is still in cloud by believing the aides who are misguiding him with false surveys and predictions.A� Recent survey of Jana Sena which became viral in social media indicating party will get 60 seatsA�A� was a farce intended to make their leader happy, which happened for PRP just before elections. PRPa��s survey hinted that party will achieve 135 seats 3 months prior to elections and at the end we all know with how many seats party got finally. The same cloud and team is trying to put a shoulder on Pawan which is leading to down fall due to a silent wave.

AP state is witnessing a strong anti-incumbency, this is the only factor Jana Sena is trying to utilise. It is totally dependent on fans vote bank rather than leaders who can pull party forward. Call by Jana Sena Chief meant for those who are enthusiastic to join the party did not give reply.

For Chiranjeevi, who got millions of fans, it became difficult to find booth agents and cadre to campaign in many districts of AP and Telangana.A� If Pawan believes, his party is different and can make a miracle unlike the PRP; it is sheer over estimation and over confidence.

Dilemma is still running in Pawan camp not knowing whether to continue with movies or to plunge into politics for full time. After Katamarayadu, he planned for another remake of Ajitha��s movie, then changed his mind and fixed to Trivikrama��s project. He kept a distance from Mega family membersa�� functions but suddenly praised Chiranjeevi during Katamarayadu’s pre-release function. We can see same inconsistency here too.

In politics, we need patience, time, and right step with a perfect game plan when time is short. But even today we can’t find any one after Pawan kalyan. He has been only acting and he has not been able to create traction with the people as Opposition party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy did. To change the perception which has been inculcated among the students and the youth for years, Pawan Kalyan has to do a lot of work

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