Pawan, A Confused Leader Between Communism And Capitalism

Speaks Communism, quotes Che Guevara and Sri Sri, but goes in the corporate style even for party activities.

Amaravati: He speaks for the poor. He quotes from the speeches and writings of Che Guevara and Sri Sri that inspire the gathering. But, when it comes to practices, he follows the corporate style. He comments on the social media and even if it is a public meeting or a press conference, only he speaks and he is visible. He is now recruiting the party cadre just like a corporate company. He is Jana Sena chief, actor turned politician, Pawan Kalyan.

Heading for maiden contest in the 2019 elections, Jana Sena chief is now recruiting the cadre for his party at the grassroots. These recruited candidates would be the speakers and organisers for the party in their respective districts. He is also recruiting the content writers for the party who would have to develop the content for the leaders to speak on issues before and during the elections. The partya��s manifesto too is likely to be based on the content that these writers would be providing. He had done this in Ananthapur district, from where he had decided to contest the next elections. Now, he is heading for a similar exercise for Hyderabad and the three north Andhra districts.

No political party had done this exercise, not even the Praja Rajyam Party, which he had launched along with his brother Chiranjeevi before 2009 elections. But now he is on a special recruitment drive into the party, attracting the youth.

He also reacts to the issues and makes his stand clear through the social media frequently, which the celebrities do often. He is the only politician who has to be followed in the social media. While other leaders are seen in the media through meetings, Pawan is seen and heard only through the social media.

There is also inconsistency in his activities. He visited the capital farmers and spoke for them and went into hibernation. He visited the Uddanam area of north Andhra and spoke for them repeating the same disappearance. The only advantage for him is his association with the ruling TDP in the State which reacts to his statements. The Uddanam mysterious kidney disease issue was not addressed but the only advantage is that the area got a dozen dialysis centres giving a relief to the people from visiting to Visakhapatnam for dialysis. Farmers in the capital region could get nothing as the government goes ahead to acquire their lands. He had promised to stand by the farmers of Penumaka, Undavalli and Bethapudi villages against the forcible acquisition of the lands, but he never raised the issue later leaving the farmers to their fate.

Going by his talks and tweets and looking them from his acts, it appears that the Jana Sena chief is a confused leader. To win the hearts of the masses, he takes the Communist line, but to put his words into action, he reflects the style of the corporate sector. While he takes the line of the Left parties on raising the issues concerning the people, his bent towards the ruling TDP keeps him off the Communist ideology.

If he continues to follow this double style a�� a communist in statements and a capitalist in actions a�� it would be quite difficult for Jana Sena to get the votes in the 2019 elections.

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