Pawan condemn rumours about Multi starrer with Chiranjeevi

Hyderabad: Pawan kalyan denied rumors about project with Brother Chiranjeevi and SubbiRami reddy as producer. Pawan, who returned from US on 14thA�evening, said there was no proposal about this project until date which kept an end to these speculations.Subbirami reddy officially announced about this project a week ago when Pawan kalyan was in US for Indian conference 2017. Fans expected an end to the dispute between these two brothers and kept a huge hope on this project who was disappointed after hearing this news from power star.

We all know the gap between brothers increased after Chiranjeevia��s PRP failed miserably in 2009 elections. Pawan is moving with utmost care by not making any impressions of PRP fall on his Janasena party, this is the reason he is keeping Chiranjeevi associates aside.

Meanwhile Pawan Kalyan who gave his intentions clear with political speech at Harvard University and recent interaction with Steve Jordan is setting tone for 2019 elections. It is now getting cleared that Jana Sena is moving away from ruling TDP and BJP in state.

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