Pavan Vs Bunny Takes Ugly Turn

Hyderabad: Internal disputes in Mega family rose to a certain level that fans of these family members are damaging the value of their heroes to a maximum extent.

Its a known fact in Industry circles about the cold war in Mega camp with all others joining hands pushing Pawan Kalyan aside. This war has been going on running on for seven years with NO COMPRIMISE formula from either side. We have seen Pavan fans creating disturbance during audio or pre release events held by Mega camp. During success tour of Allu Arjuna��s Sarinodu in Vijaywada, comments made by Stylish Star in a sarcastic way against Pavan kalyan fans made gap further between these heroes.

Only dialogue Allu Arjun uttered during that tour CHEPPANU BROTHER is still murmuring in Pavan fans. Even Chiranjeevi was not left by Pawan fans during Khaid No 150 pre release function held at Vizag.A� Chairs were broken, anti slogans against Chiranjeevi were seen for the first time by Pawan fans.

This is not over yet, recently released teaser of Allu Arjuna��s flick DJ entered in records in both likes and dislike clicks on you tube. It was the first movie teaser to receive 80K dislikes hits and the reason behind it was Pawan fans clicking more dislikes expressing their anger at Bunny for his statement during Sarainodu success tour.

It became talk of the Tollywood, with film lovers stepping in to resolve the issue hereafter prior to release of DJ movie.

Same situation was faced by Nandamuri fans when NTRa��s DAMMU was released,. NTRa��s Babiah Balakrishnaa��s fans tried to nullify the talk of the movie by spreading negative talk through socialA� media and SMS which showed the impact on both these heroesa�� family relations.

Its better for Pawan to come forward and take initiative in closing this issue before it takes a vulgar turn. ‘Unity is strengtha�� was the call given by Pawan Kalyan at Harvard University recently. It will be better for him to maintain the same first in his family rather than giving speeches on International platform



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