Palle Meets Telugus in Japan

HYDERABAD: Palle Raghunatha Reddy, AP Minister for IT, Electronics & Communications, NRI Affairs & Overseas Indians and Culture, today met the NRI Telugu community of Japan at Japan Embassy.

In his opening remarks, Palle, while communicating best wishes and compliments of Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu to the Telugu community in Japan, stated that Naidu was working very hard day and night for the development of the new state of Andhra Pradesh – a sunrise state in India. To make Andhra Pradesh as a first state in India in the areas of IT and electronics, Naidu introduced new policies and initiatives for promotion of these areas in the state.

The Minister, while highlighting the importance and significance of Telugu language and culture, appreciated that the Telugus in Japan were contributing towards this in the form of organizing cultural meets, dance programs, such as Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi frequently to imbibe and upheld the Telugu communitya��s traditions in Japan.

He also appreciated the Telugu community in Japan for their latent desire to get associated with the development of the community and to uphold Telugu traditions.

Palle also appealed to the Telugu community to strive for the promotion of our Telugu language and the values quoting by Sri Krishnadevaraya “Desabhashalandu Telugu lessa.”

The AP Government should give all the literature, such as a�?Telugu padakosama�?, a�?Telugu peddabalasikshaa�? and other books for the purpose.

Palle also requested the Telugu community to interact with the IT companies and MNCs and tell them about the new State of Andhra Pradesh and be torch-bearers in rebuilding the new State by bringing industrial delegations for investments into the State. (NSS)

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