Palanisamy To Challenge OPS

Chennai: Sasikala Natarajan played her last card before surrendering before the trial court in Bengaluru by getting E Palanisamy, PWD Minister, elected as leader of the AIADMK legislature party. The Sasikala camp has resolved to keep the battle going and to preventA� O Panneerselvam from settling down as CM. Palanisamy will be challenging the claim of OPS to the chair. Sasikala has also announced the expulsion of OPS and his supporters from the AIADMK.

In the meanwhile, OPS has, in a letter of conciliation, appealed to all the MLAs to help him in continuing the good work of Amma. Governor C Vidyasagar Rao’s next step is eagerly awaited. It has to be seen whom the Governor will invite to test his strength on the floor of the house-OPS or Palanisamy.A� It cannot be denied that Palanisamy has the backing of majority of MLAs while OPS enjoys support of the general public. In parliamentary democracy only the choice of the MLAs counts. In case of conflicting claims leading to instability the Governor may be forced recommend dissolution of the Assembly and go for fresh mandate.

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