Pakistan court bails out a terrorist

  • Hafiz and Musharraf blame India for terror attacks
  • Let Commander and 26/11 accusedA�Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi given bail
  • Hafiz Saeed and Musharraf accuse India of being behind terror attacks
  • Battle with terrorists on one side is neutralised by bailing out extremists on the other

P Ravi

Pakistan, December 19: Spreading hatred for India has always been a mask that the Pakistani leaders have used to hide their deficiencies and the fact that Pakistan, a dream of Mohammed Ali Jinnah has failed time and again to protect democracy and has mostly been in the control of the army, is pushed under the carpet, while anti-India sentiment is harboured and every failure is attributed to India. And this becomes much conspicuous when one reads conflicting reports of border skirmishes in Pakistan and Indian media.

After Pakistan Taliban had killed innocent children in Peshawar, the entire world mourned and India too was shocked with Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing mourning in the schools for the slain children. The Pakistan civil society has seen many terror attacks in their country, but this one in particular caused a bigger bolt when the extremists targeted the future of Pakistan by indiscriminately killing the young boys. There was an outrage in the media and people questioned governmenta��s capability of dealing with terror and held not just the Prime Minister Nawaz Sherif responsible, but the army chief and ISI as well.

However, it did not take long for accusations against India to re-surface and despite the Tehreek-e-Pakistan Talibana��s (TTP) claims taking responsibility for the attack calling it a revenge against Pakistan army for its drive against terrorists in North Waziristan; the likes of Hafiz Sayeed (believed to be the man behind 26/11 Mumbai attacks) and Pervez Musharraf (who is known to have ties with Taliban and is believed to have instigated the Taliban to kill former Pak Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto) immediately pointed to India for being behind the attack.

Musharraf told in the CNN IBN interview that he gave on December 17, a�?Do you know who is Maulana Fazlullah? He is the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan commander. He is in Afghanistan. And I am reasonably sure that he was supported by the former (Hamid) Karzai government and RAW to carry out terror attacks in Pakistan.a�?

However unbelievable it is that such baseless accusations could be made, a Pakistani security analyst Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid had said in his blog – a�?India, we willA�notA�forgive you for this atrocity! You chose the day of December 16th to rub it in. We stand firm, united and will crush you,a�? he said on twitter. 16 December is when the Pakistani army surrendered to Indian forces in Bangladesh.A�

Today, Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi, a key handler of the 26/11 attacks and LeT commander has been given bail by a Pakistan anti-terror court and Pakistan government calls it technical error. On one hand Nawaz Sherif announces a war against terrorists and on the other, the accused individuals in terror attacks in neighbouring country walk around the streets of Pakistan. One is reminded of former President of Pakistan Gen Zia ul Haq whose close ties with Taliban arena��t a secret and how the same Taliban now turned against the country. History repeats without any lessons learnt.

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