Paadayaatra: Can Jagan Keep The Sentiment Intact?

Earlier late YSR did undertake paadayatra when congress party was in the verge of collapse almost in United Andhra Pradesh. The walkathon fetched him power in 2004. Chandrababu Naidu followed in YSR’s steps in 2012 and became CM of AP. Can Jagan Mohan Reddy, who recently announced his paadayaatra plan, continue the same sentiment and achieve the target?

Amaravati: When the going gets tough for a political party, the best weapon to rejuvenate it isa�� paadayaatraa�� which is the best way to get closer to the people and understand their problems. The political leaders know the pulse of the voters better than any strategist and they can change their plans prior to elections according to their feedback and gut feeling.

Paadayaatras in united AP did magic for senior politicians of the two leading parties like Congress and TDP. Late YSR, who is known as a darling of the masses even today, changed the entire scenario with his paadayaatra by touring all districts in midsummer. Even TDP supremo Naidu could not stop the wave with welfare schemes and alliances.

This made YSR to become CM twice. When Telangana state is carved and there were doubts in AP voters to whom they should vote, Naidu won the election in 2004. The people of AP were seething with anger at the Congress for bifurcating the case. They were divided between the TDP and the YSRCP. Even parties like TDP and YSRCP are in a confused state to face the voters. But Naidu, used the same weapon that late YSR did, he chose paadayaatra two years before bifurcation which made him to sit on CMa��s chair. This is one of the reasons which made victory possible for the TDP thanks to Pawan factor and BJP alliance.

Now it is do or die for YSRCP chief Jaganmohan Reddy. Party should come into power in 2019 elections to save the cadre and his political future. During recent plenary, the youth leader announced that he will do paadayaatra which will start from October 27th and cover 13 districts in a span of six months. This will start from Idupulapaya and end at Ichhapuram of Srikakulam district beating previous record of Naidua��s Walkathon. which covered 2,340 km. This was not expected from YSRCP Chief who gave a shock to the ruling party. They are almost in a confident mood with a thought that Jana Sena Chief Pawan will start paadayaatra from Ananthpur and help them in splitting of votes. There are no words or counters against this paadayaatra by TDP or Jana Sena as they need some time to come out of shock of the master plan by Jagan.

But a�?paadayaatra weapona�� which fetched both late YSR and Naidu CM seat will work for Jagan also and make him the CM in 2019? That is the million dollar question.

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