Over 500 private operators linked to Call Ambulance mobile app

Hyderabad:A�The 500 plus private ambulances that operateA�in twin cities have been integrated with Call Ambulance,A�an emergency response mobile app.

Jagadish, COO Call Ambulance, said in a press release on Sunday that these ambulances were not connected to 108 or any other hospital.A�A�All these ambulance providers operate on their own and consumers have to reach out to them individually to avail of their services. Lack of knowledge of their availability and geographical location, consumers/patients are not able to use these existing ambulances. These ambulances do not share real time availability and cannot share exact location too.

Call AmbulanceA�has integrated all theseA�private ambulance on to its platformA�to connect to people. By displaying the real time availability and exact location, it makes it easy for the needy to find the nearest ambulances, their rate cards, type of ambulance (basic life support, advanced life support, transportation ambulance etc.) and book one according to their requirements. This will improve the efficiency of usage of existing ambulances rather than bringing in new ambulances to improve emergency services in the city, Jagadish added.

Suresh, Gandhi Hospital Ambulance Owners Association President, says, a�?Earlier we had great difficulty in communicating our location. Now with new Call Ambulance technology everything is streamlined. We can now make more than one trip per day and service many more needful patients. By getting the private ambulances onto our network, we are helping the patients and their kith and kin A�findA�A�ambulance nearest to them and A�know the specific location of the ambulance. We plan to get every private ambulance onto the network in a phased mannera�?.

These private ambulances can be booked for other transportation needs also. For example, elderly people who need to visit dialysis centers, or patients who want to go back home from the hospital.

Private ambulance drivers can join the Call Ambulance platform by sending a WhatsApp message to 810-617-3902. -NSS

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