Osmania University Students Angry Over CMa��s Decision

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao, who announced free KG-to-PG education during his election campaign, was contemplating to a�?usurpa�? Osmania University lands, as per sources. The chief minister has been hinting in this regard for the last several days.

In the latest development, Rao, participating in Swachh Hyderabad program at Parsigutta, announced that 11-acre land would be allotted to the poor people of Parsigutta for construction of houses at the site. Shocked over the chief ministera��s plan, the Osmania University students barged into Telangana Secretariat on Monday and demanded that the chief minister withdraw his announcement.

It seems Rao was not happy with the Osmania University students since he was not allowed to land from his helicopter in A-Grounds during his hectic election campaign. Then onwards, the chief minister was angry at a section of students of Osmania University.

After assuming office of chief minister, then OU Vice-Chancellor Sathyanarayanaa��s tenure was over. Since then, the vice chancellor post remained vacant. Meanwhile, rumors made rounds that the chief minister was trying to release a new G.O making the chief minister as the Chancellor. Another rumor was that the vice chancellor post would be filled with an IAS officer to control the students.

Meanwhile, news published in some sections of the media that the government has already purchased six acres of the land that was located near chief ministera��s camp office at the cost of 40 crore rupees. Studentsa�� organizations like ABVP staged dharna in this regard.

But Raoa��s new statement at Parsigutta created flutters in studentsa�� fraternity and led them to stage a dharna at Secretariat. Already, at many places around the university, private persons have encroached the OU lands and about 60-acres of OU land was in court cases. About 20 camps were there in Osmania University campus.

If Rao allots the lands of Osmaina University for housesa�� construction purpose, it may give chance to the opponent student organizations to wage a fight against the government.

Already, NSUI, ABVP and TNSF unions were organizing joint movements against the government policies in the name of a�?Nirudyoga Porata Samithia��. Their movement may take new turn with the chief ministera��s decision.

The discussion was going in a big way on this issue on Raoa��s statement that a�?the then Nizam and governments allotted thousands of acres to the universities and most of the universities lands were wasted. Some of the university lands may be used for the purpose of construction of houses meant for poora�?.

Already, the Osmania University atmosphere was polluted with several issues. Last recruitment of assistant professors had attracted serious allegations from all corners.

During the Telangana movement and after the movement, the university has become like any Hyderabad street. Private persons have been entering the premises and making everything from having liquor to taking ganza etc. Even students are least bothered about such developments.

Earlier, there is a clause in the university that the action could be initiated against the private personsa�� advertisements through the courts. But these days, the displaying of advertisements has become a common feature after the formation of Telangana State, and they are from political to private coaching centers banners. Plying of private vehicles has become a very common feature much before the Telangana movement.

The chief ministera��s decision might attract the studentsa�� organizations to take up movements in a big way. (NSS)

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