OPS Disbands Panel, EPS Faction Says Still Open For Merger Talks

With the entry of Dhinakaran and all likelihood of him claiming a stake in the government, the AIADMK politics in Tamil Nadu again are returning to the days of instability. Now, EPS is left to choose between TTV and OPS to stay in power.

Chennai: As OPS camp disbanded its internal committee for merger talks with Edappadi K Palanisamy led faction, speculations are that the instability in the State might intensify as there are three factions in the party presently.

OPS met his supporters after many MLAsa�� in EPS faction started supporting TTV Dhinakaran, who came out on bail a few days ago. He declared that he was disbanding the seven-member panel constituted for merger talks on Sunday night.A� Though the panel was constituted in April, there was no progress in the merger process.

Meanwhile, despite the declaration from Panneerselvam, Finance Minister Jayakumar said that the EPS faction was open for talks for a united AIADMK.

Speaking to a news channel, Jayakumar said that they are for the merger as lakhs of AIADMK cadre wanted a united party, which can work together to carry forward Ammaa��s legacy.

Earlier too, when Dhinakaran expressed his desire to stay in the party, it was Jayakumar who said that there was no room for TTV or his aunt Sasikala in the party.

Despite statements, EPS faction could not openly expel either Sasikala or TTV from the party and hold an election for the posts held by them. This became a hurdle for the merger, as the precondition of OPS was expelling both aunt and nephew from the party.

Meanwhile, Dinakaran said that he was staying away from the party for the sake of merger and its survival before he was arrested in cash for symbol scam and appeared a bit detached. But nothing happened even after he was arrested.

After his release from the jail on bail, Dhinakaran went to Bengaluru and met his aunt to discuss the future strategy. While a few MLAs met him on the first day, the number of MLAs doubled after he met Sasikala.A� With the entry of TTV Dhinakaran into the fray, the Edappadi faction is facing the heat. Though Dhinakaran assured that he will not bring down EPSa��s government, the knife is dangling on his head.

Now the time has come for Palanisamy to choose between Sasikala’s faction and OPS. Either way, he will become a weak CM.

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