Opposition leaders condemn arrests and a�?oppressive policies of TRS Govt.a��

Hyderabad: Alleging that the TRS government was reminding us of Nazi rule in the State, former MP Ponnam Prabhakar said that it was atrocious on the part of the State government to arrest the Telangana JAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram.

In a press note, Ponnam condemned the arrests of students and leaders of peoplesa�� organizations by seizing the roads leading toA�HyderabadA�from districts andA�OsmaniaA�University. The TRS government was adopting suppressive policies more than the united Andhra Pradesh governments earlier, by not giving permissions to organize rallies and meetings.

The arrests of former Justice Chandrakumar, Telangana protagonist Dr Cheruku Sudhakar, Prof PL Vishweshwar Rao and several students ofA�OsmaniaA�University shows the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Raoa��s feudalistic ideals, he said and warned KCR that the latter will not remain in history by ruling the State in a monarchic attitude. He demanded KCR to release Kodandaram, other JAC leaders andA�OsmaniaA�UniversityA�students immediately and respect the peoplesa�� movements.

TPCC vice-president Mallu Ravi said that arresting Kodandaram atA�midnightA�by breaking the gates of his residence was undemocratic. A�RaviA�said that the way TRS government arrested Kodandaram was never happened in the United Andhra Pradesh. The KCRa��s rule was reminding Nizama��s rule, he said.

TRS Govt creating fear psychosis: Ravula

TDP leader Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy said the State government is creating fear psychosis by resorting to arrests. He accused the TRS government of making arrests of unemployed youth, students and leaders of political parties since Tuesday. The TRS party which had condemnedA�such acts of fear psychosis earlier,A�is nowA� indulgingA� in same acts after coming to power, the TDP leader alleged.

Despotic action: Shabbir

The leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative CouncilA� Mohammed Ali Shabbir termed the police action against A�the unemployed youth rally as an undemocratic and despotic act of the A� KCR A�Government to foil peoplea��s movements . HeA� said youthA�were hounded A�like animals from their homes and dragged into police vans like criminals. The students and unemployed youth were beaten up and put in cells in police stations like petty criminals all over A�HyderabadA�city for their only sin of asking the government to fulfill their poll promise of providing two lakh jobs .The A�LOP demanded a A� White Paper on the status of vacancies and also the jobs created by the TRS government since 2014 and also the promise of unemployment A�stipend given to youth in the State.

A�Arrests undemocratic: Narayana

CPI leader Narayana described arrests of TJAC chairman Prof Kodandaram and students as undemocratic. Is it wrong to demand filling of vacant posts, he questioned the TRS government. There was noA�such situation even during Telangana movement, Narayana said and demanded immediate release of Kodandaram.

Ita��s unjust: Jana Reddy

The CLP leader K Jana Reddy said not giving permission to the proposed rally by the Telangana JAC was injustice. He said in Miryalaguda that everyone has the right to express opinion in a democratic country and violation of primary right is not correct on the part of the government. No government behaved in a vengeful manner towards students, he said and demanded the State government to release the leaders and students unconditionally.

AIYF leaders among arrested

All India Youth Federation (AIYF) leaders, President Marupaka Anil Kumar, Secretary B Ramulu Yadav and others, who tried to participate in the un-employees rally on Wednesday at Sundaraiah Bhavan, were arrested by the police. Anil Kumar and Ramulu Yadav said in a press note that they started very peacefully and in aA�non-violent manner, but theA�police behaved in a high-handed manner andA� arrested them.A� Panjala Srinivasulu, Nerlakanti Srikanth, B Usharani and others were arrested, they said and demanded the State Government to release new notifications immediately for recruitment.A�

Tension at OU, call for bandh

Protesting against the suppressive attitude of the State government, Osmania University JAC has given a call for the educational institutionsa�� bandh onA�February 23. Earlier, a student named Sandeep Chamar tried to self-immolate atA�ArtsA�CollegeA�gate. He pouredA�petrol on his body and tried to lit the light for self immolation. The alert police detained the student.

The students tried to organise a rally and they reached NCC gate where the police obstructed them leading to jostling between the police and students. The students have gone back to their hostels. Later, some students reached Tagore Auditorium and burnt the Osmania University Centenary Celebrations a�?Kamana�� erected there. The fire staff reached the spot and controlled the fire. -NSS

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