Opinion Poll: TRS Looks Invincible

According to an opinion poll conducted by a Bengaluru organisation in Telangana, TRS appears to be unbeatable as of now.

Hyderabad: The talk of advancing elections is making all parties to go for the surveys to know the actual status in Telangana state. Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) in his own style had many surveys done with his team and changed strategies as per the survey reports he received. Same is the case with the opposition parties like Congress and BJP, but a recent survey by a Bengaluru based organisation, ‘Political Quotient’, is creating huge buzz in all political parties of Telangana.

As per the survey, there is no change in the status of the opposition parties since 2014. This survey was conducted between April 2nd and April 15th which covered 13,000 polling booths and 1, 19,000 sample respondents.

As per the survey, nearly 47.5% preferred KCR and surprisingly next to him is TTDP Revanth Reddy with 19.16%, then Jana Reddy (Congress) with 11.39%), Uttam Kumar Reddy (Congress) with 7.06% and Kishan Reddy (BJP) with 2.88%.

But people felt that congress is the best party to fight for their rights pushing TDP into next place. Best opposition leader the respondents voted to is Revanth Reddy with 30.91% votes and next came Jana Reddy with 22.24% votes.

Here are the findings of the survey:

TRS Rule Rating:

Very Good: 44.21%

Average:A�A�A�A� 16.87%

Very Bad;A�A�A�A� 32.69%

Cant say:A�A�A�A�A� 6.23%

62.66% say that they are non beneficiaries of the schemes and 32.90% say that they are beneficiaries of the schemes implemented by Government, 4.44% refused to comment.

Local MLAs Performance:

Satisfied: 40.24%

Average: 22.34%

Not satisfied: 32.40%

Cant say:A� 5%

TRS Government’s performance:

Satisfied: 38.02%

Dissatisfied: 38.50%

Average: 20.08%

Standard of living improved: 48.12%

No change: 43.73%

Interestingly 48% said that life of farmers and the poor did improve after bifurcation.

Government Schemes:

Aasara Pensions: 35.41%

Kalyana lakshmi/Shadi Mubarak: 21.59%

2 BHK Houses: 11.79%

Support prices for farmers: 2.94%

Mission kakatiya: 7.94%

Farm Loan Waiver: 4.23%

Land distribution to Dalits: 2.84%

Ration card: 2.44%

Mission Bhagiratha: 2.83%

Fee reimbursement: 3.96%

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