a�?Operation RKa�� to help mining firms: Virasam

Hyderabad: Virasam leader P Vara Vara Rao has alleged that the Chandrababu Naidu government in Andhra Pradesh is continuing a�?Operation RKa�� as part of its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with mining companies.A� Ramakrishna alias RK and Ganesh were top Maoist leaders and believed to be in police captivity.

Speaking to the media in Hyderabad on Friday, Vara Vara Rao made it clear that Virasam leaders wona��t make allegations without irrefutable evidence. a�?It is not an Operation RKa��Ita��s an Operation Mininga�?, he remarked. The operation took place with the information given by a member of the a�?Dalama��. The government was continuing its operation aiming only to kill Naxalites. There was no clarity in the post mortem of the Naxalsa�� bodies, he alleged.A�

The Andhra Pradesh government, which killed Naxalites in the fake encounter, was fabricating cock-and-bull stories to paint it as an a�?encountera��, he alleged and demanded that the government produce RK andA�RaviA�in the court. He also stated that the state and Central governmentsA� introduced a�?Green Hunta�� only to loot natural resources and as part of it they were killing the revolutionary leaders in the name of stage-managed encounters. While police personnel received simple injuries in the alleged firing by Maoists, the latter lost their lives in the firing from the police, he ridiculed.


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