Open-air classes plan at MCR HRD

Hyderabad:A�Four tree clusters have been planted at four corners of a square piece of land by four senior employees in the presence of Vinod K Agrawal, Director General, to commemorate Dr MCR HRD Institutea��s 40 years of endeavors to promote excellence in governance through training.

a�?Each cluster has three trees, namely, Juvvi representing Brahma, Raavi representing Vishnu and Medi representing Maheshwara in Indian mythology. When planted together, they represent oneness of knowledge and divinitya�?, said Agrawal on Monday.

Agrawal stated, a�?This venue will be utilized for conducting open-air classes in natural and divine environment, as such environment would encourage creativity and learning. This experiment will also encourage trainers to move away from the rigid discipline of traditional training methods to imaginative newer initiatives in the domain of learning and developmenta�?, he added.

A�A large number of officers, faculty, and staff members, including Dr. K. Tirupataiah, IFS, Additional Director General, andA�Anitha Balakrishna,A�IA&AS, Joint Director-General, were present. -NSS

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