‘One single nation’ spreading terror : Modi

Hangzhou, China: PMA�Narendra ModiA�at the concluding session of the G20 Summit on Monday delivered a strong message cracking down on terror arising from Pakistan. He took a dig at Pakistan, by telling the leaders of the worlda��s top economies that they all must isolate and sanction the ‘one single nation in South Asia’ that is spreading the ‘agents of terror’ in the region, not reward.

PM Modi said, “there are some nations that use terrorism as an instrument of the state policy. Indeed one single nation in South Asia is spreading the agents of terror in the countries of our region”. He further added that, “India has a policy of zero tolerance to terrorism because anything less than that is not enough.”

Without naming Indiaa��s neighbour, PM Modi said that his government will appreciate the steps to combat the financing of terrorism, which was being used by some of the nations as an instrument of the state policy. PM Modia��s remark is also seen as a message to China and its close relations with Pakistan.

Earlier in the day, PM Modi called for the elimination of a�?safe havensa�? for the economic offenders and a�?full commitmenta�? from the global powers to act against the corrupt and to disrupt excessive banking services. He also said a stable financial and global economic system was imperative for the growth, he called for strengthening of the global financial safety net.

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