Officials Suspect If Chinnari Is Alive?

As the toddler was not found even after sending camera up to 200 feet into the bore well, and as 45 hours passed away, officials are suspecting if she is alive unless a miracle happens.

Hyderabad:A� A toddler had to pay with her life as a price to awaken the revenue officials who are callous in closing the abandoned bore wells. One and half year old Chinnari fell into the well on Thursday evening and the NDRF officials have been trying to bring her out. They are trying their best to bring her out alive. However, the toddler was not found yet.

The ONGC team came to the spot to extend their services. The officials have sent water proof camera into the well till 200 feet. But the baby was not found.A� The rescue team is suspecting that the girl might have been submerged in the soil. Hence, they are trying various methods to bring her out. A�See Also:A�Toddler Falls Into Borewell, Rescue Operations In Full Swing

As the baby was not found, both parents and officials are tense. As 45 hours passed away after the child fell into the well, tension is prevailing. When the girl fell into the well, she was found in 40 feet depth, but since she was not found at 200 feet depth, the family is expressing concern.

Though they could not find the girl after sending robotic hand into the well,A� the officials did not stop their operations.

Officials are suspecting that the child might not be alive, but are determined to bring her out dead or alive.

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  1. June 25, 2017

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