NTR Caught In Directora��s Tweet, Irks Fans Of Other Heroes

A�NTR is non controversial hero but sometimes faces trouble from the praises of his neighbours who are related to film industry.

Hyderabad; Film celebrities to catch up NTRa��s eye with an over enthusiasm make some tweets which causes discomfort for other heroes.

Here is another example which lit fire in the fans of other heroes who are angry with the director. He is none other than Director Harish Shankar. On the eve of NTRa��s birthday, Harish tweeted a�?Many more Happy returns of the day to the one and a�?only onea�? take hero@Tarak9999, wishing u loads of success with all ur upcoming projectsa�?.

This tweet is so sweet for NTR fans but became hot for other heroes fans. Director Harish Shnakr is currently busy with the final schedules of Duvvada Jagannadham and is expecting a flick from NTR to direct, may be this is the reason he tweeted praising NTR, but this lead to a cold war within the fans. It is better for film celebrities to take care before giving a statement which disturbs the harmony in film industry.

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