Now, Tejaa��s Driver UnderInterrogation In Drugs Case

It is suspected Srinivasa Rao procured drugs for Ravi Teja and his brother Bharath.

Hyderabad: On Saturday, it is the turn of Srinivasa Rao, driver of actor Ravi Teja, to be interrogated by the Special Investigation Team in the infamous drugs case.

SIT summoned him after coming to know that Srinivasa Rao too had links with Jishan.A�Officials suspect that it was the driver who supplied drugs to Ravi Teja and his brother Bharat, after procuring them from Jishan, one of the main accused.

Srinivasa Rao is also being questioned about his relationship with Jishan and Calvin.

On Friday, Ravi Teja was grilled by SIT officials for over nine hoursA�before he could leave for the day. Sources said Teja told them that he does not do drugs. He denied any knowledge by Calvin, Jishan or anyone else who supplied drugs.

The actor refused to provide samples of his blood, nails or hair, SIT officials disclosed.

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