Now Name of D Srinivas In Land Scam

Many skeletons are stumbling out of TRS’s shelf after the Miyapur land scam came to light. While KK’s name came out recently, the other high profile name that came out to light is that of D Srinivas.

Hyderabad:  The names of important leaders in TRS are coming to light in land scams. While party general secretary and MP KK is mired in the Miyapur land scam and facing allegations, freshly another leader’s name came out.

Allegations against senior leader- Rajya Sabha member D. Srinivas are being levelled. The news that he got the assigned lands meant for the poor registered on his name has become sensational. Both the leaders, belonging to same community, were in Congress and came into TRS. The TRS chief invited them into the party and assigned them crucial roles. Now the very existence of these leaders in the party became a headache to him.

After the formation of Telangana, TRS which formed the first government in the State, though faced many allegations, refuted them ably. But, because of these leaders, the image of TRS government is getting tarnished.

The lands that DS reportedly got registered are in Goudavelli- Railapur road near Girmapur village of Medchal Mandal.  Some q9 acres of land in survey number 221 have become controversial. This land was allocated to poor Mudiraj community when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister. This land was bought by Bokka Yadireddy from Mudirajs in 1972-73. Later in 2015 DS follower, A.V. Satyanarayana bought this land from the sons of Yadireddy sons. Of this 4 acres are in the name of DS. This land was registered in Medchal sub-registrar office in 2015. They have filed for a mutation in the local Tehsildar office this year January. The revenue officials who investigated this lands refused to sanction it. Now it has become a point of discussion.

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Srinivas Quits Congress to Join TRS

  • Strive to Make KCR’S BangaruTelangana a Reality

HYDERABAD: The former APCC President Srinivas on Thursday asserted that he had resigned from the Congress to join the TRS, “as my conscience wanted me to strive for empowerment of the weaker sections and backward classes” in the new state of Telangana.

Addressing a media conference, Srinivas reiterated that he would continue to hold in high esteem the AICC President Sonia Gandhi for all her support and encouragement for his growth in his political life.

Srivinas, who had sent his resignation letter last night to Sonia Gandhi, had explained the circumstances that led to him to take such a “painful decision” to quit the party, with which has been associated for nearly five decades. There is no denial of the fact that it was Sonia Gandhi who had helped pave way for the creation of a separate Telangana, while it is Chandrasekhar Rao, who had strived to make it a reality, he told the media.

Reminding that he too in his own way had contributed for the formation of Telangana State, Srinivas pointed out that he was the one, as the then Congress deputy leader in the Assembly, who in a marathon debate had explained the imperative need and urgency for bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh to enable the creation of the Telangana State.

Srinivas further said that it is undoubtedly Rao, who had ensured that the new state was carved out with his relentless struggle and sacrifice, and thus, deserves all credit for the same. Rao has been working with conviction and commitment to develop the state into Bangaru Telangana, and I too wanted to extend my support, cooperation and contribution to make this a reality, and hence decided to join the TRS, he added.

Replying to a volley of questions from the media, Srinivas repeatedly declared that he was not after power or position, some Congress leaders were alleging. He said his sole objective and goal was to ensure the uplift of the weaker sections and make Bangaru Telangana a reality.

He also refuted the charge that he was sore with the Congress High Command for denying him MLC ticket, and instead his junior leader was selected.“What is an MLC post? It is inconsequential. I had issued over 200 MLC tickets to many. The post is not that mattered. It is my self-respect,” he thundered and regretted that senior Congress leaders from the state and also from New Delhi were weaving baseless stories against him.

Taking a strong objection to the criticism and allegation that his joining the TRS was seeped in political opportunism, Srinivas pointed out that if he was hankering for power and running after some position then my joining the TRS could be termed me as opportunistic. “But, I am not after power or position, as I am politically contended,” he pointed out.

He further explained that another reason for him to say adieu to Congress Party was that it was not functioning in tune with the changed circumstances. The neighboring AP Government was creating unnecessary problems and hurdles to the day to day functioning of the Telangana Government. And at this stage all political parties, irrespective of their ideologies, should come together in support of the Telangana Government in its fight against the Machiavellian mechanisms of the AP Government, he pointed out and regretted that the Congress leadership in the State had utterly failed in this aspect.

Srinivas further said that as a matter of fact he had faced lot of humiliations in the past, but he had never opened his mouth. He only brought these things to the notice of Sonia Gandhi. Even now, I do not want to indulge any mudslinging against Congress while leaving the party, he explained. Asked about speculations regarding many other Congress leaders following his footsteps, he evaded a direct answer with a broad smile.

In reply to a question regarding revoking of Section 8 of the AP Reorganization Act, Srinivas said that all he had said was that the present situation did not warrant any such action, as the people of Seemandhra were living peacefully and happily in Hyderabad.

“As a matter of fact, I want to work as a watchdog for security and safety of the Seemandhra people living in Hyderabad,” he observed. (NSS)

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D Srinivas to report in 100 days

  • To pinpoint causes for rout
  • Says minorities lost confidence in TRS govt.

HYDERABAD: Telangana senior Congress leader D Srinivas, who was appointed chairman of high-level committee to prepare a report on the party position in the State in view of ensuing GHMC and municipal elections, said it was time for the party to look into the reasons why it could not retain power in the last year general elections in the State.

Talking to mediapersons at Gandhi Bhavan here on Monday, Srinivas said a meeting held at Ibrahimpatnam last year raised some issues like why the party lost its traditional vote bank during the last general elections. How to initiate and how to plan to get back its votes? “We came to know that the State government was planning to make some changes in school textbooks. We demand that the government constitute an all-party meeting. We demand that the government introduce Sonia Gandhi’s efforts in the history lessons of textbooks since Telangana was carved out as a separate State because of her”.

“It is very crucial to have a look on this issue. Congress could not come to power even after it delivered Telangana State. In the State every one wanted separate State. We are not regretting for creating Telangana. If it had given before one year, then it was easy to get into power. KCR himself agreed many a time openly that the Telangana State was created because of Sonia Gandhi. We have confidence that the Chief Minister would honor his promises”.

Regarding high-level committee, Srinivas said, “We never like to use the word settlers. We suspect they lost confidence here. The minorities also apparently lost confidence. We need to create confidence. Because of false promises given by some parties with the only target of coming to power, the settlers, minorities, Christians, Sikhs, and others are greatly disturbed”.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi was trying to appear as secular in the international platforms. But before the BJP came to power, every country believed that India is a secular country. Our target is to bring awareness among the different sections in the society in the State. Youth had many expectations when the State was created, but today they were in utter disappointment. On April 16, we will have a meeting in Gandhi Bhavan. Within hundred days, we will send a detailed report. Just with an emotional feeling, the people voted for the TRS party.

Even though people know the fact that Telangana was given by the Congress, because of Sakala Janula Samme, which was organized by the TRS, most of the voters were attracted to it”. (NSS)

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