Now Name of D Srinivas In Land Scam

Many skeletons are stumbling out of TRSa��s shelf after the Miyapur land scam came to light. While KKa��s name came out recently, the other high profile name that came out to light is that of D Srinivas.

Hyderabad:A� The names of important leaders in TRS are coming to light in land scams. While party general secretary and MP KK is mired in the Miyapur land scam and facing allegations, freshly another leadera��s name came out.

Allegations against senior leader- Rajya Sabha member D. Srinivas are being levelled. The news that he got the assigned lands meant for the poor registered on his name has become sensational. Both the leaders, belonging to same community, were in Congress and came into TRS. The TRS chief invited them into the party and assigned them crucial roles. Now the very existence of these leaders in the party became a headache to him.

After the formation of Telangana, TRS which formed the first government in the State, though faced many allegations, refuted them ably. But, because of these leaders, the image of TRS government is getting tarnished.

The lands that DS reportedly got registered are in Goudavelli- Railapur road near Girmapur village of Medchal Mandal.A� Some q9 acres of land in survey number 221 have become controversial. This land was allocated to poor Mudiraj community when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister. This land was bought by Bokka Yadireddy from Mudirajs in 1972-73. Later in 2015 DS follower, A.V. Satyanarayana bought this land from the sons of Yadireddy sons. Of this 4 acres are in the name of DS. This land was registered in Medchal sub-registrar office in 2015. They have filed for a mutation in the local Tehsildar office this year January. The revenue officials who investigated this lands refused to sanction it. Now it has become a point of discussion.

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