Now, KKa��s Familya��s Name In Miyapur Land Scam Case

The big names coming out in the Miyapur land scam are not only creating headache to the Chief Minister but also tarnishing the image of his government.

Hyderabad: Names of an MPa��s daughter and daughter-in-law came out in the Miyapur land scam case. Incidentally, all the names of big wigs doing rounds in the case happen to be close to Chief Minister KCR, who trusted them and assigned responsible positions. The Miyapur land scam which has become a blot on TRS government seems to tarnish the image of KCR too. It is being said that KCR is fuming over the names that are coming out in the case. While KCRa��s close friend Damodar Rao and Deputy CM Mahmood Alia��s names are doing rounds already, the name of TRS general secretary and MP KKa��s family membera��s names came out yesterday. This is creating more headaches to both KCR and his government.

The lands bought by KK’s family were part of lands Gold Stone company occupied with a fake GPA in Ibrahimpatnama��sA� Dandu Mailaram. Hence this has become controversial. While KKa��s daughter Gadwala Vijayalakshmi bought 50 acres of land in Dandumailaram, 38 acres of the land is part of lands Gold Stone occupied.A� Though a case is pending before the court alleging that these lands are disputed lands since 2015, Gadwala Vijayalakshmi and Jyothsna bought 50 acres of land in the name of Navajyothi and got them registered.

The government already clarified that these lands were government lands and the registrations were illegal. Also, the government announced that it is suspending Incharge sub-registrar Khadir who registered these lands illegally.

Refuting the allegations, KK said that it was true that his family members bought the lands. He claimed that they had all the necessary documents and they bought the lands legally. However, he asserted that they did not buy the disputed lands. He said that CCLA had already clarified that the lands he bought were not government lands. He also claimed that there was a Court order regarding this. KK also said that the Collector issued orders to register the lands he bought and if these orders were wrong, the court will decide.

Meanwhile, KKa��s impatience on the questions posed by the media is giving rise to suspicions. When a reporter asked him, a�?Dona��t you know what kind of a person Gold Stone Prasad is?a�?, KK lost his composure. He angrily said, a�?Do you think Ia��m a beggar to buy without knowing the background?a�?A� When the reporter tried to continue his question, he said, a�?Try to understand what Ia��m saying, Ia��m a better journalist than you are.a�?

Later, he angrily said, a�?Is registrar Superior or Supreme Court? Ia��m a Rajya Sabha member who makes legislations, dona��t I know?a�? He clarified that there is no dispute in this and they got the lands registered on the recommendations of Supreme Court and if any dispute comes over this, he warned that he would file contempt of court petition.

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