Why Did Not TDP Govt. Act Against Those Who Were Involved In Vulgar Posts On IYR?

When TDP took severe action on Inturi Ravi kiran and Ippala Ravindra for ‘objectionable’ social media postings, same action should be seen in case of people who posted nude posters of IYR in social media, questions Brahmin Atma Gaurava Sabha.

Guntur: Brahmani Atma Gaurava Sabha held at Guntur on Sunday came down on TDP for its biased action on people who are against them.

Quoting Inturi Ravi Kiran and Ravindra cases as an example, they questioned why not TDP took action on people who posted nude posts of IYR Krishna Rao in social media, a day after he was sacked as Brahmin Corporation Chairman.
Kona Ragupathi, YSRCP MLA, said that main culprit behind this is TDP MLA Bonda Uma and Brahmins will teach a lesson to him and ruling party in coming elections.

Bonda Uma behaves like a street rowdy and is undoing part from MLA for making inappropriate comments on IYR.

EarlierA�Senior IAS officer IYR Krishna Rao has been sacked from his position as chairman of AP Brahmin Welfare Corporation for anti-TDP Facebook postings.

The sacking of IYR Krishna Rao is a reflection of intolerance on the part of AP Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

One post that Rao has forwarded was related to YSRC chief Jagana��s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The sender of the post was a�?Jagannadha Ratha Chakrama��, ostensibly a fictitious name. It questioned BJP state leadersa�� a�?conspicuous silencea�� on Jagan-Modi meet. The caste of the BJP leaders (read Kamma) was also indirectly mentioned. This drew the ire of the whole community and was said to be the final nail in IYRa��s issue.

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