It Is Not Just Muslims, Dalits And Women Too Feel Insecure

Former Vice-President Hamid Ansari’s comments over the Muslims in the country feeling insecure are widely debated these days. While Ansari’s successor, a Right-wing leader, claimed that India is the most tolerant nation, there are condemnations to Ansari’s comments, particularly in the social media hitting the former Vice-President hard, even below the belt.

Amaravati: Former Vice-President Hamid Ansari, a former diplomat and politician, is now under attack from the so-called patriots for his remarks on the prevailing conditions in the country, particularly about the Muslims who are feeling insecure. Ansari had made these comments during his last interview to the Rajya Sabha TV as vice president and also chairman of the Upper House.

Ansari is now being targeted and severely criticised by the Bhaktas branding him as not a patriot. Ansari had even said that there were situations where some people need to assert and display their nationalism every minute and stand for the scrutiny of the so-called ‘nationalists and patriots’.

There are two issues in attacking Ansari – his comments on the prevailing situation in the country and his comments as a Muslim, after serving the second highest post in the country for two terms.

Well, if serving the country’s second highest post is any objection for the person to speak politics or the prevailing reality, there is now his successor, M Venkaiah Naidu, who is a known right-wing politician and who spoke politics a few minutes before he assumed the office, including his attack on Ansari’s statement. If Venkaiah Naidu can be justified for his political remarks backing the right wing politics of the day minutes before assuming the country’s second highest office, what is wrong in Ansari expressing his views on the present day politics and situation minutes before demitting his office?

If Venkaiah Naidu, being a dominant Hindu politician, is justified for his pro-Hindu politics of the day, why is that Ansari has no such option to speak for his Mulsim minority community who have been facing threats to their lives in the country and who are being subjected to proving their nationalism and patriotism every minute?

It is not just Muslims who are feeling insecure in this country. There are half of the population – women – who are feeling insecure and subjected to exploitation. There are more than half of the population – the Dalits and the Adivasis – who are also feeling insecure and have no guarantee to their lives. There are a little less than half of the population – non-vegetarians – who are subjected to attack, fatal assault every day in some or the other corner of the country for eating what they have been eating for centuries.

The Gau Rakshaks are on the killing-spree targeting the non-vegetarian eaters, particularly the Muslims and the Dalits. The Karsevaks are assault-spree across the country targeting the people of non-Hindu faiths, mostly the Christians and Muslims. There are now saffron or Modi Bhaktas who have been severely attacking the people of non-Rightwing and non-Modi politics. Well, there are people of other section – most unscrupulous present all the time – targeting the women and posing a greater threat to their lives.

In all, the Muslims and Christians for their faith, the women for their gender, the Dalits for their rights, the Adivasis for their existence, the non-vegetarians for their food, are constantly under attack and are feeling insecure in the country. Can anyone deny it? What is wrong in a person holding the second highest office in the country speaking these realities and seeking for protection to these sections?

And, secularists and people with different political thought other than the Modi school, are under attack in the social media. The attack is so severe that in several places the critics of Modi are even arrested. They are branded as anti-nationals, projecting as if Modi is the symbol of nationalism and not a symbol of politics.

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  1. C Udayashankar says:

    Dr Sarveypalli Radha Krishnan also criticised the Government before finally demiting office as President of India. Persons in high places are within their rights to criticize the Governments presided over by themselves. Points raised could be debated for amelioration.Trollers need to be controlled as per laws. Towards that end, laws need to be strengthened.Dalits and women have always been under attack in Independent Bharath. Lately, attacks by cow vigilantes on muslims have been on the rise. It can also be pointed out that the opposition is more interested in road shows than resolving the actual problems and getting the criminals punished. State level demonstrations against violent vigilantes and pressurising States to hastening cases against such criminals till the goal is achieved are inadequate to absent. The objective is to keep the pan not till the next general elections.

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