‘Not In My Name’ Rally All Over The Country

There was a nationwide rally by peace loving people in the name of ‘not in my name’ to protest against killing of Muslims on the pretext of what they eat or in the name of cow etc.
Not In My Name' Rally All Over The Country

Hyderabad: The Tank Bund on the historic Hussain Sagar was calm on Wednesday evening with hundreds of protesters observing silence. The protestors demanded that the people should express anger at the indiscriminate killings of persons belong to Muslim minority in the name of food, cow or something else.

People who wish that peace would descend on Hyderabad and the country, came one by one to the Tank Bund. They warned the religious zealots not to talk carelessly and damage the secular fabric of the country. People are human beings and they should not be reduced to religion, caste or a number or a symbol. People mean not only the rich and not only male. They want equality to be respected.

But the silence of the protestors was deafening. There were no names of the individuals or organisation. No trace of political parties. No names education institutes and no banners. All of them had placards in their hands with the slogan, “Not In My Time.’ All the citizens who are for egalitarian society had demonstrated throughout the country from 4 PM to 6 PM all over the country, particularly in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Jantar Manthar in Delhi. The meaning of ‘ not in my name’ is that ‘today I may not be attacked.’ But I may be a target tomorrow if you don’t oppose it.

Professor Rama Melkote, Vasanta Kannabiron, Kalpana Kannabhiron, Sudha, Asalata, Padmaja Shah, Vasudha, Sumati, Anita Reddy, Suneeta Reddy and many other participated in the protest demonstration.

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