Not afraid of attacks, will continue to fight on peoplea��s problems: Prof. Kodandaram

Hyderabad: Making it clear that the JAC will not be afraid of attacks, Telangana Political JAC chairman Prof. M Kodandaram has said the fight on public problems will go on.


Speaking to the media hereA�on Wednesday, Prof. Kodandaram suggested to the TRS government to strive for solving problems of the people by stopping attacks on the people, who question on issues. He said he has no anger at the leaders who criticised him severelyA�on TuesdayA�and said that he was answering to the leaders who made Peddapally MP Suman to criticise him. He also alleged that the government didna��t care though the JAC kept clear proposals before the government and said that JAC asked the government to protect the rights of the displaced people and lend the helping hand to the farmers, who were affected with drought. He said there was no response from the government though the JAC met the DGP and placed the problems facing by the Home Guards, in front of him.


Lashing out at the state government and ruling TRS party for terming him as an agent of the Congress party, Kodandaram ridiculed the criticism on his meeting with the AICC Chief Sonia Gandhi.A�A�a�?Some TRS leaders were saying that I met Sonia Gandhi. I am at Varanasi onA�June 16A�and I participated in a Dharna at Indira Park onA�June 27. Is Telangana intelligence is this much of weak? It is failed to find out as to what I am doing and where I am going and whom I am meetinga�?, he said.


The TRS party was making much noise as it was failing to answer on public issues, he said. He made it clear that the JAC allegations were 100 percent social truths and the government was attacking only hide its mistakes. He said that the people didna��t except these policies in newly formed Telangana state. He said that the JAC will conduct face-to-face program with displaced people of Kaleswaram Project at Manthani onA�November 11.


OnA�November 13, JAC will organise a conference on problems of medical sector and on November 20, JAC will conduct meeting on irrigation projects, reservoirs, power projects and open cast mining, he informed.



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