No target for sterilisation programme: Health minister clarifies

P Ravi

Chhattisgarh, November 13: In the face of world-wide uproar against the practice of mass sterilisation and the wide spread criticism for the lack of facilities in the government run health camps, Union Health Minister JP Nadda said that the Centre has set no targets as far as sterilisation was concerned and it was a totally demand-driven programme,

Earlier, the Centre had sent a team of doctors from AIIMS which supervised the medical treatment to the affected patients, after 13 women died and close to 70 were admitted in hospital following a mass sterilisation drive in the state.

Nadda said that a judicial inquiry has been ordered by the state government, and the Centre will provide all necessary assistance for the inquiry.

He denied that sterilisation is a target driven programme, “It is a misconception that family planning is a target-driven programme.A�On the contrary, it is a target-free, promotional and a demand driven programme,” he clarified.

However, he failed to explain the reason for low standard of facilities and the lack of enough number of doctors, negligence and the lack of post operative care at the health camp.

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