No scrutiny of IPL bids without reforms Lodha Panel tells BCCI

NEW DELHI: The Lodha Committee has informed the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) that it would not scrutinise multi-billion dollar IPL rights unless BCCI totally implements all reforms as per Supreme Court order in cricket administration.

Earlier on Monday, BCCI said that it would not be possible for them to go ahead with IPL media rights bid process which was scheduled for Tuesday. BCCI tendered apology to all potential bidders and stakeholders.

“In the absence of permission from the committee to go ahead with the process scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday), the BCCI is unable to do so,” said a BCCI statement late Monday night.

Eighteen companies, including social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter, had bought the tender documents. BCCI had appointed M/S Deloitte to supervise the submission, opening and assessment of the bids.

The Board is expecting to garner $3-4 billion for the next ten years through the global tender.

As the Supreme Court entrusted the Lodha committee with the mandate of overseeing the tender process, it is now the custodian of the IPL tender process and has to take all actions to safeguard the IPL tender and the interests of BCCI and cricket in India.

Further, BCCI has sent all the IPL media rights tender documents to the committee along with the relevant documents which are yet to be issued to the potential bidders.

On October 21, the SC had ordered the BCCI to completely freeze release of funds for state associations, even for conducting cricket matches. It had also directed Lodha panel to appoint an independent auditor to scrutinize the  Board’s income and expenses. Also, high-value contracts to be awarded by the board would need prior approval from the Lodha panel after scrutiny by the independent auditor.

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